After the Basics – One Day Photo Seminar

March 17, 2018

Master Class                             Goal:  Inspire Creativity


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Through slideshows, critiques and student discussions you will come away with the knowledge and vision of what strong composition and skilled use of lighting contributes to making a great photo.

If you want to make compelling photos by design not just luck, this seminar is for you. This is an intermediate through advanced photo course in a day for those who know how to use their camera and want to get the most out of it. We will analyze many of Steven’s images and critique participant’s work. The presentations will involve important concepts of composition, light, and all the many decisions that go into making a photo. Discussions will range from the best lens choices to choosing the optimal time of day to shoot, and much more. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of a professional photographer’s life, studio and equipment. Put down your camera, channel your imagination and learn from a day that explores the nuances of creative technique.

This is an event packed with information and important tips about all facets of photography. At the heart of the seminar is critical thinking about why you’re making photos and how you accomplish your perfect image. By looking at some of Steven’s commercial and editorial images we can ask the important “why” questions discuss the basic principles involved in capturing an engaging image.

You’ll be in a comfortable, focused and creative classroom at Steven Meckler’s studio.

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Some of what you will learn:

√ Lighting:  Best uses of different light sources on location and in the studio. Hard, soft and in between.

√ Quality of light - brightness, contrast & color (type of light, white balance and time of day).

√ Composition: balance, line, shape, texture, repetition, symmetry, etc.

√ Prospective: making 3-dimensions in a 2-dimensional medium

√ Storytelling: with a single photo or multiple photos

√ The importance of intent and communicating your ideas

√ Effective use of foreground, mid-ground and background

√ Workflow – Camera, preproduction, production, post production, computer applications, delivery and archiving                       

√ Lens choices

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Saturday- Start Time: 9:00 AM

Coffee and snacks throughout the day.

Lunch in studio (included with fee)

End Time: 5:00 PM